Frequently Asked Questions


What are locum tenens jobs?

Locum tenens are temporary job placements for physicians of all medical specialties. Due to a shortage of staff, medical facilities/practices heavily rely on doctors doing locums jobs to temporarily fill such vacancies.

Why choose LocumsPro?

At LocumsPro, we work hard to ensure that your needs and priorities are met when placing you in an assignment.  From credentialing to compensation, our experienced and responsive staff is always available to assist you, so that you can focus on practicing medicine.

What are the benefits of doing locums?

Locum tenens jobs offer a wide range of benefits for physicians - more flexibility, lucrative pay, travel, more family and leisure time, and many more.  Locum jobs can ultimately help provide a better work life balance, while allowing physicians the opportunity to try new practice setting. At LocumsPro, we want to help you find the right assignments, so that you can enjoy the things you love the most while still making a difference in the lives of others.


At LocumsPro, we are dedicated to negotiating the most competitive pay rate based on the requirements of the assignment.  Prior to each assignment, we will submit to you a confirmation letter which contains your compensation rate. You must keep track of your own work schedule and submit a report which reflects the work done during each assignment. Compensation occurs weekly. 

LocumsPro does not withhold any taxes from its physicians, who are considered independent contractors.  We urge you to consult with your tax attorney/advisor for tax purposes and to learn about the benefits of being an independent contractor. 


LocumsPro covers your airfare, lodging, and car rental. Our staff is available around the clock to help coordinate all the details of your travel plans to and from your assignment, as we want to ensure that your needs are met to the best of our ability.

How do I get credentialed for my locum tenens assignment?

After confirming your assignment, the LocumsPro team will forward you a pre-filled privileging application with information we already have on file. Legally we can only pre-fill information we already have about you; therefore, it is your responsibility to review the application for accuracy.  Once the application is completed, LocumsPro will continue to work with the facility to gather any missing documents. Physicians should turn in all privileging information to LocumsPro within 24 hours to ensure timely processing of all documents.

How do I obtain or reactivate a state license?

Your locum tenens assignment may require travel to a state in which you are not licensed.  Our staff will assist you in obtaining or reactivating your state licenses. LocumsPro has a professional and experienced licensing team which will guide you through the entire state licensing process, so you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

Does LocumsPro offer medical malpractice insurance?

Yes. At LocumsPro, we provide outstanding medical malpractice to our physicians.

Does LocumsPro offer any healthcare benefits?

Physicians who do locum tenens are considered independent contractors with the flexibility to design their own work schedule.  As such, locum tenens physicians are not eligible for healthcare benefits through LocumsPro.


What is locum tenens?

Locum tenens arose out of a need to help temporarily fill medical vacancies across health care practice settings.  At LocumsPro, we help your facility fill those gaps by sourcing top doctors in all specializations.

Coverage process?

The moment you send a request on our online portal, we immediately begin sourcing top candidates who are currently active with LocumsPro and have gone through our pre-screening process. We will strive to find the most qualified physicians to fulfill your coverage needs.

Upon selecting your top candidate, our experienced licensing team will work diligently to expedite the credentialing process and to guarantee your coverage needs are met in timely manner. Additionally, we will handle all the details of the physician’s travel. With Locumspro, you can rest assure that we will work hard to meet your coverage needs effectively and promptly so that you can focus on serving your community’s needs.

How does LocumsPro work for me?

At LocumsPro, we provide you with 24/7 personalized assistance. Our dedicated staff is always available to help you manage the details of the job assignment or to assist with any of your needs. You can always reach your dedicated representative via IM, e-mail or text.

With our streamlined screening process, we guarantee each physician has a complete file which contains pertinent background information on training, licenses, malpractice history, etc. When credentialing, our experienced staff procures the following information:

  • Three Current Verbal References
  • NPDB Inquiry – National Practitioner Data Bank
  • Internal Application
  • Background Check
  • Medical Training Verification
  • Board Certification Verification
  • Medical License Verification
  • DEA Certificate Verification
  • Employment History Verification
  • FSMB and AMA Credentialing – Federation of State Medical Board and American Medical Association
  • Certificate of Insurance
Does LocumsPro provide medical malpractice insurance?

Yes. At LocumsPro we provide outstanding medical malpractice insurance to our active physicians. Our application process ensures transparency of each physician’s background and current practice. Should any physician need to be enrolled in the state patient compensation fund, we will also help with that process.